Sunday, April 11, 2010

Paper Hearts

Aha! I went to the mall yesterday to buy my dad some candy. I also bought some hair dye and make-up. lol. After that, I went to the Tokyo store to buy some paper to make paper stars (because I ran out of it). I wanted the thick ones to make big stars. I was all excited when I got home because I can make more stars, but to my surprise, I didn't buy the right paper. I bought paper to make paper hearts! (thanks to my sister because she was the one who noticed it was for making hearts) I was kind of pissed, but I ended up liking it anyways because it was different. I didn't know how to do it at first because the instructions were in Korean. -___- but yeah I eventually figured it out on my own. And now I am making more hearts and putting them together with my stars to look pretty :) I posted two pictures (front and back of the pack). It's kind of blurry because I didn't use a digital camera.

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